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about ko lanta diving

Based in Saladan town, Ko Lanta Phoenix Divers is led by Daniele, Barbara and Andrea, PADI professionals and passionate for marine life. Once dived in the pristine waters of Koh Lanta we couldn't simply leave the place, so close to such beautiful dive spots. We can't wait to have you on board!


Nature and UW life is what Daniele is all about. Highly trained, he is the best experienced instructor and manager at Phoenix divers. He is also the manager of Venice Diving in Italy. He has travelled extensively the world, diving ad instructor in some of the best spots across Maldives, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Seychelles and Mauritius and taking heartbreaking pictures of UW life.


After taking her degree in Biology at University of Newcastle, UK, she began her diving career in Mexico with Daniele. She has travelled the world, working as professional diving instructors in Mexico, Maldives, Egypt and Thailand and dedicating her free time at the study of marine biology.


Divemaster and passionate for marine life, he has joined the friends of a life, Daniele and Barbara, in the Phoenix divers adventure. He usually breaks out to Koh Lanta as soon as he gains holidays.