Diving Hin Daeng with Manta and Whale Shark


Diving Hin Daeng you will dive in one of the world best dive site. It is a place that with Hin Muang with can't be missed in Ko Lanta!

The main reason for such reputation is due to the common presence of Manta Rays, often in groups, but Hin Daeng is much more than this! Hin Daeng means Red Rock and refers to the soft corals that you will find on the submerged peak of the dive site. This Dive Site is not only a great place for pelagic but also for smaller species - Honeycomb Mooray, Hawksbill turtle, nudibranches, Stonefisg and much more- that have found home among the beautiful canyon and sloping reefs of the dive site. Absolutely a must see during your diving holday in Ko Lanta! 

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