KO HAA Dive Site

Ko Haa Dive, the 5 Island that are actually 6.

Koh Haa Lagoon

Koh Haa Jai

Ko Haa Lagoon

you will dive close to a tropical sandy powder beach. Swimming among the hard corals and tropical fishes in the shallow cristal water of this scuba dive place it's an excellent way to start your dive adventure with the Discover scuba diving program or simply to relax with a day of snorkeling and sunbaths!

Ko Haa 1

has a common name as the Chimney, a cave dive spot where to look to the amazing marine life from inside. The coral garden around has some of the most beautiful anemones of Koh Lanta Diving! Not far from the Chimney you will find stunning drop walls covered with purple soft corals: a dive to remember!

Ko Haa Yai

is the third dive spot in Koh Haa and it's best known for the Cathedral, a huge cave with incredible light effects on the emerald wall inside. Coral gardens and drop walls complete this dive, one of the must-see place in Thailand!

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